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Exercise Helps Treat Depression in Heart Failure Patients

Exercise is not only a great way to combat weight loss, but it also can treat depression.  Up to 40% of people suffering from heart failure are clinically depressed.  Recent findings show that exercise can help battle depression for those people.  This is yet another example of exercise being an incentive for not only improved physical health, but in this case, improved mental health.

Lead study author James Blumenthal, a psychology professor at Duke University Medical Center, recently said that exercise has been shown to be safe for people with heart failure, and that exercise does not need to be strenuous or a huge time commitment for patients to see a difference.  “It doesn’t require intensive training for a marathon to derive benefits,” he said. “We’re talking about three, 30-minute sessions for an accumulated 90 minutes a week. And the results are significant improvements in mental health, reduced hospitalizations and fewer deaths.”

Blumenthal and colleagues warn that the improvements are “modest” for the most part, however results may vary from patient to patient.

Source: http://healthland.time.com/2012/08/01/more-evidence-that-exercise-may-help-treat-depression/#ixzz22JwcRZE9